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Foundations for Health in Cancer

An introduction to nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management for patients with cancer

If you:

are currently diagnosed with cancer or in recovery from treatment

are overwhelmed by the nutrition resources online that all have different suggestions

are interested in what you can do to support your body through cancer 

know you need help but are struggling to figure out where to start 

… then join me in the Foundations for Health in Cancer program, a 4-module program to transform you from overwhelmed and anxious to calm and confident.

It’s time to take charge of the things you can change!

The Foundations for Health in Cancer program will give you to the starting resources you need to improve your health and teach you how to make them part of your life without spending hours in 1:1 visits and being given homework you haven’t got capacity to put into action.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Foundations Program:

In just 4 short modules you will learn the importance of each tool,

how to fine tune these parts of your life and what to prioritize. 

4 Modules to Guide You:



Clarity on the "villains" in nutrition for patients with cancer

- what does the research say about what NOT to eat?



What to eat isn't all about what to cut out of your diet - we unpack the best foods to ADD IN to help your body through cancer



Simple strategies for making space for calming your nervous system and optimizing your sleep



Why movement is important and how to keep it simple!

4 modules, all from the convenience and comfort of home!

You will have lifetime access to this program and any upgrades that are made - while it is designed to be consumed once a week, you can space it out more than that if needed!

Accountability is a big part of succeeding in this program.

You will also have access to a free, workbook to keep you organized and track your progress. 

You’re not ready if….

You think nutrition, movement, stress and sleep have no role to play in cancer treatment tolerance, recovery or risk management.

I know you want to feel like yourself again. You can learn to make small changes that will help but the key is CONSISTENCY not perfection. Be kind to yourself while you heal ♥️


4 Video Sessions to optimize your efforts at home: $197

Foundations Workbook: $49

Your Price: $47

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About Dr. Alaina Gair, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Alaina Gair is the creator of the Foundations for Health in Cancer Program and a naturopathic doctor working with people fighting cancer. She works with patients and their families to optimize health before, during and after cancer treatments.

I have seen so many people struggling to know who to believe when it comes to how to support their health during cancer. I can’t change the stress you are experiencing, but I can teach you how to manage it so that you feel strong, supported and capable as you navigate your diagnosis.

B.Sc. in Neuroscience – Dalhousie University
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

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