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The Caregiver Burnout Program

Providing care for someone can take a tremendous toll on the physical and emotional health of the caregiver, yet so many people don’t recognize the warning signs. They deny the impact it’s having on their health and avoid getting the help they need.

If you:

are spending your day caring for and worrying about a loved one

are exhausted no matter how much sleep you get

are feeling on edge and stressed all day

know you need help but are struggling to figure out where to start 

feel there aren't enough hours in the day to make room for what you need - while still fulfilling your role as a caregiver

… then join me in the Caregiver Burnout Program, a 6-module program to transform you from exhausted and stressed to calm, energized and thriving.

It’s time to take charge of the things you can change!

The experience that the Caregiver Burnout Program takes you through will guide you to the resources you need and teach you how to make them part of your life without spending hours in 1:1 visits and being given homework you haven’t got time to put into action.

This program begins:

Monday March 7 2022

12pm EST

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Caregiver Burnout Program:

Each Monday we will meet for 30 minutes to review the lesson and discuss tips to getting it into your routine – to help you start each week on the right foot!

6 Modules to Guide You:


Stress-Free Stress Solutions

March 7 2022 12pm

Simple, do-anywhere ways to ease the effects of stress on your nervous system.

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Sweet Dreams are made of…

March 14 2022 12pm

Sleep is crucial for health and healing. This week we learn routines to optimize sleep – even if it’s disrupted.

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Kitchen Basics

March 21 2022 12pm

What, when and how to eat. Don’t worry – it’s not all about restriction. Learn which foods to ADD to your diet to help with burnout recovery without giving up coffee.


Why Water?

March 28 2022

The importance of hydration and bring intention to this basic piece of self-care.

Alaina - Nov-78

Get Moving – Or not

April 4 2022 12pm

Best exercises for burnout recovery and how to include movement when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Alaina - Nov-20

Strong people need support too

April 11 2022 12pm

Building a network of support, outsourcing when needed and learning how and when to ask for help.

6 modules, all from the convenience and comfort of home!

What if you can’t make the live meeting? Don’t worry! You’ll receive the recording so you can watch at your own convenience.

Accountability is a big part of succeeding in this program.

You will also have access to a free, private Facebook group to connect with other caregivers, where you will be supported by a community and can share your struggles and your wins! The regular meetings and facebook group are what put this program on a higher level. Plenty of burnout programs exist and will teach you the exact same information, but it’s TAKING ACTION with that knowledge that people struggle with. The Caregiver Burnout Program teaches you HOW to put the tools in place and provides support and accountability between sessions to help keep you on track.

You’re not ready if….

You think this too shall pass. Burnout doesn’t tend to get better when we ignore it, but you need to be ready to acknowledge that even though your loved one’s health is harder/worse/more serious, your health is important too. It’s not about saying “me first”, it’s about saying “me too”!

I know you want to feel like yourself again. You can be a caregiver and still live a healthy, thriving life. You can learn to make small changes that will help you feel more energetic and balanced in the morning and banish the afternoon energy slump.


6 Live Virtual Group Sessions: $1182

Caregiver Burnout Workbook: $49

Caregiver Burnout Community What's App Group: $50/month

Accountability: Priceless! 


Your Price: $297


Free Virtual Yoga Class – April 6 @ 7pm

PLUS - Entry into the draw for a Self-Care Basket (Value $350)

**Must live in Canada to be eligible to win this basket**


First 5 registrants will also receive a welcome gift and a 30-minute private coaching session

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About Dr. Alaina Gair, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Alaina Gair is the creator of the Caregiver Burnout Program and a naturopathic doctor working with people fighting cancer. She works with patients and their families to optimize health before, during and after cancer treatments.

I have seen so many family members struggling silently. I can’t change the stress you are experiencing, but I can teach you how to manage it so that you feel strong, supported and capable in your role as a caregiver.

B.Sc. in Neuroscience – Dalhousie University
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

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